The complete manual for sscaffold-css

Quick Start

Documentation is gross, jump ahead to the quick start if you're in a hurry.


sscaffold-css is designed to be an updated alternative for existing milligram and skeleton installations. The project's priorities, in order, are:

  • Human-readable css structure
  • Consistent layout in modern browsers and devices
  • Encourage modern, semantic, structured html
  • Compatibility with milligram and skeleton
  • Staying true to skeleton and milligram's lightweight origins

sscaffold-css removes milligram's and skeleton's dependency on normalize.css by directly including many of those reset rules along with suggestions from multiple other sources.

The sscaffold-css file is broken into several distinct sections:

Each section has its own documentation.

The emphasis on a human-readable css structure means that some selectors are duplicated throughout the file. The performance impact from this is probably too small to be measured, and far outweighed anyway by many other aspects of modern web development. In exchange we get a file which is much easier to understand and modify.


Questions, suggestions, and pull requests are all welcomed over at the project's github repository.


sscaffold-css includes work from: